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Harry Hinch

Software Engineer

Hello! I am a passionate maker/engineer specializing in Python, but I also love music, cooking, design, embedded electronics, 3D printing, and hiking. I'm based in Lafayette, CO.

I'm currently an engineer at Micron. I work on Test Automation, CI/CD, and Test Infrastructure.

I'm the creator and developer of Spruce Confections Online Ordering Platform, a custom wholesale management system used by over 250 users and serves 50+ clients. S.C.O.O.P. is built with Django and hosted on Heroku.

My Values

Inclusivity, Diversity, Integrity, Accessibility, and Eco-Sustainability.

My Skills

High attention to detail, data-oriented, self-motivated, comfortable learning new things. 13 years programming experience, 1+ year management experience.

Proficient in Python, Javascript, and CSS, experience with C and C#.

Experience with: Docker, NGINX, IT/networking, self-hosting, CI/CD Pipelines, Processing, microcontrollers/microcomputers, KiCad, CAD Modeling, 3D Printing

Personal Projects

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]